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® Biofeedback/PEMF & the Doppler Ultrasound
August 5, 2022

Many visionaries in health and medical innovations collaborate on the expansion of their work through continued exploration and referencing from other technologies.  Two such innovators have shared countless hours exchanging notes early this year, to finally meet at this special crossroads of scientific exploration.  Dr. Silvia Binder (founder of the Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine in So. Germany) and Dr. Robert Bard (seasoned ultrasound researcher and biometric imaging validator) conducted an exploratory performance review through the integration between their respective non-invasive technologies.  

The innovation in review is the ONDAMED®- a full-body biofeedback device + PEMF therapeutic solution designed to target the root causes of physiological imbalances such as pain, injuries, inflammation and neurological disorders. According to Dr. Binder, this energy therapeutic device has a major global following, recognized in areas including sports medicine, pain management, psychiatry,  anti-aging and neurology.  This validation project which started in July 8 was designed to confirm the vast number of testimonials about its advantages including (but not limited to) pain & stress reduction, optimizing mental and emotional wellness and balancing hormones and metabolism.  This research also hopes to challenge or confirm its ability to support detoxification, enhance cellular nutrient absorption, inflammation reduction, fighting off infections, cellular repair/regeneration, improve the immune function and hemodynamics / circulation.

This exploratory validation project is co-directed by Dr. Bard from his NYC research facility through the use of his various advanced ultrasound models.  Combining the diagnostic prowess of the ultrasound has become Dr. Bard's preferred choice for imaging because of its (safe) non-radiation and real-time properties- and added to this is its ability to perform near and within other electronic regenerative technologies (like the ONDAMED® Biofeedback and PEMF) without any interference. 

This three-day scientific review is a testament of strategic vision between health innovators aspiring to forge and confirm new answers while fostering the non-invasive medical technology movement. Where both the 
ONDAMED® device and the Ultrasound are two of the latest in non-surgical medical marvels, combining the unique diagnostic abilities of biofeedback and the imaging validation of ultrasound (through quantitative biometrics) reading the effects of the PEMF therapeutic functions of the ONDAMED® offers a new way to support, analyze and record evidence of regenerative medicine.  
(Below is Part 1 of this integrative research project)


Written by: Dr. Robert L. Bard

This study is part of an ongoing review of the quantifiable scanning features of the high frequency ultrasound probe w/ 3D Doppler- assessing the biometrics of a biofeedback electromagnetic device. This review aims to form the basis for analyzing cases such as diabetic retinopathy or hypertensive vascular disease.  Secondary protocols for treating disease due to Alzheimer's or chronic trauma by increasing the blood flow in the brain to prevent further damage may be possible based on the imaging findings derived from this research. 

The subject complaining of headaches had a prior case of malaria (which is a small parasite that lodges itself throughout the body) demonstrated benign lymph nodes in multiple areas in the head and neck. We opted to start by scanning ocular orbit to detect if increased intracranial pressure on the optic nerve head was detectable to verify potential cerebral pathology

Our study team has been following the effect of electromagnetic devices including a Biofeedback and targeted electromagnetic stimulator (Ondamed®) since this non-invasive treatment device is promoted to support pain relief, soft tissue injuries and wound healing and reportedly shows success in providing clinical effects such as: anti-inflammatory, sedative, vasodilatory and analgesic.  Through the use of ULTRASOUND imaging, we offer the ability to capture quantifiable measurement of the blood flow and vessel size in the smallest arteries in the human body. Technically we are able to show the real time effect more immediately and hope to detect increase in blood flow in areas that are generally restricted in disease states. 

We first established an Initial scan of the retinal vessels while the subject is at rest before the treatment of the biofeedback/electromagnetic device using a standard 20mHz probe/transducer under M (motion) Mode with quantitative doppler to show resistive indices. This allows mapping of pulse pressure and blood flow, as well as visually observing the increase in the size or number of blood vessels quantifiable on 3d Doppler Histogram analysis. 

Initial scans show the largest diameter was 0.5mm and we also found a benign microcalcific deposit. We are searching for sensitive blood vessels to look for obvious changes in the retina.   Next, we introduced the biofeedback energy applicator closer towards the eye.  Here, we notice (through our ultrasound readings) that the vessels have dilated about 30% during the treatment. 

The measurement of the vessels post-treatment with blood flow and with the eye in the same position, showed that the overall vascularity had increased or became more visible to the blood flow technology.  This means that the resting vessels had expanded from 0.5mm to 0.7 and as far up to 0 .9mm.  This translates to roughly a 30-40% increase in the blood flow, going to the area that was exposed to electromagnetic stimulation. 

The large oval black area represents the eyeball or the vitreous of the eye.  At the bottom, before the flashes of color, you see the retina with some trace orange and blue dots, which represent the retinal arteries and veins. These vessels are less than half a millimeter thick. The blood flow flashes simply represent the motion artifact so we concentrate on the tiny measurable vessels. 

Notice the dark band at the bottom center which represents the optic nerve. Two things we note: (1) there's no bulging of the optic nerve disc, which means that the intracranial pressure is normal. (2) Also at the tip of the optic nerve, there is a white vertical object, like a small thumbprint -and to the left of that is some vascular flow. This is a sub millimeter calcific area at the optic nerve head, which is called a DRUSEN. It's a benign finding that may be linked to increased atherosclerosis. 

In comparison to the BEFORE clip, prior to being exposed to biofeedback and energy treatment transmission that the small blue and orange vessels are much larger this time, indicating observable realtime effect of treatment. 

The real-time image guidance and ultrasound monitoring of the device's targeted electromagnetic stimulation has been successful in following the pulse amplitude (biofeedback) as the abnormal areas are probed.  The experienced practitioner with high resolution ultrasound options can collect biometric data while acquiring critical response to the therapy in real time.

PART 2: Optical Blood Flow Analysis: Pathway to Detecting Systemic Diseases  - Sunday, June 19, 2022

 In a recent report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, eye exams are recognized to find links to a growing array of diseases. The growing list includes: Hypertension, Ischemic Stroke, 
Heart disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancers of blood, tissue or skin, Diabetes and more. Though further testing is required once these symptoms may arise during an exam, current diagnostic imaging scans reflect advancements in analysis of the eye in relation to the patient's physiology. Thanks to the study of Hemodynamics (the study of blood flow), diagnostic analysis can provide many answers to the health and physiological status of the target area scanned as well as cell-level metabolism, the regulation of the pH, osmotic pressure and temperature of the whole body, and the protection from microbial and mechanical harm.   Assessing injuries, inflammation or mutative growths (like cancer tumors), assessment of blood flow provides diagnostic answers about the severity of tissue disorders or tumor malignancy. (see complete article)

By: Josh Schueller, PT

Even though the non-invasive treatments for wellness and pain are safe and effective, one possible bodily reaction can occur.  This reaction from the body is called Herxheimer Reaction. This can occur when dead microbes or bacteria release endotoxins into your body at an accelerating rate.   This accelerated release is quicker than the body can eliminate.  The body then initiates an immune response which can bring on an inflammatory response.  Herk reactions is a temporary short term (normally only last a couple hours to days) detoxification reaction in your body.  Common symptoms can resemble the flu- headache, joint and muscle ache, malaise, chills, nausea, sore throat etc.   This reaction is caused by the detoxification of the body.  Staying hydrated is one way to help flush your body and decrease the symptoms.   

The buildup of toxins in the cells can decrease your health and wellness.  Cell phones, computers, TV, air quality, improper hydration, and poor-quality foods can all lead to poor cellular health.  When treatments that help detoxify, the body initially occurs occasionally this is when the Herx Reaction occurs. Herx reaction is not common but can occur.  Education and communicating to the user on the possibility will improve outcomes and the persons reaction.  These symptoms peaks eight hours after treatment and disappears normally within 24-36 hours. 


March 22, 2022- "Pain is something that I'm learning as a parent, that many athletes will just be living through. Some undergo chronic pain and others deal with acute pain as well.  I speak to many professional athletes and their families about living with injuries and I had to come to grips with the fact that my son who loves contact sports was going to somehow, some way will get injured.  That’s just the nature of the sports he plays.  From the sidelines (in recovery), I can see them reflect on the many kinds of measures available to get back on their feet, or at the very least- get some relief." 

In our search for non-invasive health innovations is the science of BIOFEEDBACK—we feature the internationally recognized pioneers from ONDAMED technology. Uniquely integrated with the features of PEMF/Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapeutics, this device offers localized tissue stimulation by induction of microcirculation within tissue. While the ONDAMED is approved by health authorities outside of the U.S. for pain relief, soft tissue injuries, and wound healing, the U.S. FDA regulates health claims to only include treatment for stress and stress related disorders. (see full article)

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