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April 27, 2022 marks the official launch of the National Women's Diagnostic Network co-produced by the Integrative Pain Healers' Alliance, the AngioFoundation and the NY Cancer Resource Group.  Thanks to the collaboration of the co-hosts Dr. Noelle Cutter and Dr. Roberta Kline, the Zoom Event otherwise known as The POWERMEET / Leadership Conference 2022 united NINE remarkable community leaders and caregivers, supporting women's health issues.  Each leader shared of their own work experiences, their expertise in the field and their personal inspirations that added individual energies to this public event while creating a unified synergy between the entire group.

United under the "Get Checked Now!" button (a campaign 'battle cry' for vigilant health checkups and advocacy for proactive personal research), this special group was comprised of educators and role models from many different areas of health, each addressing specific topics for discussion and sharing.


Unlike its prior episodes, this special Powermeet flexed its national reach.  Inspiring speakers from the farthest ends of the country united from as far as the states of Oregon, New Mexico, Minnesota, Florida, Missouri and New York.  They enjoyed real time brainstorming and sharing without the binds of geographic restrictions.

Organized and launched in 2019 by founders Drs. Lennard Gettz & Noelle Cutter with clinical headliner Dr. Robert Bard, the original Powermeet started as an open forum about Cancer topics.  Episode #1 was about Firefighters Cancer Exposure where the structure included a panel of medical and fire rescue professionals joined to an open exchange about occupational cancers +  feature guests to share field experiences.   This virtual event concept was developed "thanks to" the many innovations sparked by the Covid-19 Pandemic that shaped the way we socially engaged with society at large.  The extent of the Powermeet offered a second, more effective life to the meeting which was a throughput of a Video of the conference exchange, the educational presentations and the many introductions that became a strong promotion for advocacy of the 'inner circle'.

Today's Powermeet presented an even more polished and streamlined version.  This is the first duo-host system which allowed for a more managed pace to the ROUND TABLE section of the meeting while keeping each educator presenting efficiently under a limited time.  The second half of the event was focused on HEALTH INNOVATIONS specific to diagnostics.  Dr. Kline presented an overview on genomics and its extended benefits to the entire world of healthcare and medical research.  Next, Dr. Cutter continued the educational empowerment with her presentation on Breast and ovarian cancer then topping it off with the advantages of Imaging diagnostics, honoring Dr. Robert L. Bard, her mentor and co-principal investigator of her research project on dense breast scanning.

 "Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet with so many movers and shakers in the Women's health arena. It was fascinating to hear the stories and perspectives of the other women in the meeting, and I was encouraged by how supportive and uplifting the women were of each other's work and interests. I look forward to meeting again soon in the future to share ideas and experiences from various angles within the Women's health community!"- Jana Rojas, PT & co-chair of


By: Mary Nielsen

I am honored to be a part of changing the world with everyone in this remarkable group of leaders.  I can identify so many areas in my own personal and professional lives that have synergy with each member. 

DR. NOELLE CUTTER (Co-Host: Presenter on Cancer Research/Imaging): my best friend died of ovarian cancer and had medical professionals 'poo poo' her vague symptoms until it was too late. I had the honor of representing Jana at her daughter's wedding a month ago. A very poignant time. Dr. Cutter's passion for creating change is so evident in her presentation along with her prioritization of her family.  

DR. ROBERTA "BOBBI" KLINE, (Co-Host/ Presenter on Genomics): I recognize Dr. Kline's work and expertise in genomics. I agree that it is a field that is going to explode in the next few years. I provide educational content for Skinceuticals, a division of L'Oreal, and I know their R&D is focusing heavily on genomics and I want to be on the forefront in providing this education.

DEBI CAVOLO (RN, Nursing Professor) Debi's statistics on the health disparities in our country reinforces my own commitments to equity, greater diversity and stronger representation for people of color, LGBTQ,  handicapped, and other marginalized communities in our culture. 

JESSICA GLYNN (Mental Health Coach) - So many of our students struggle with anxiety and Covid-19 highlighted the tension. Jessica's work is so important for women carrying burdens of motherhood, being partners, employees, friends, and the role of caring for aging parents.

SUZANNE WHEELER (CFS Survivor/PEMF Therapy): Suzanne has my heart as a fellow Minnesotan. My husband is a retired veterinarian and I know he'd love to talk with her about PEMF. Her journey with chronic fatigue syndrome with her determination to not give up can provide encouragement to so many who struggle with chronic pain and disease. 

JANUARY HOWARD: (Work-Life Balance) I connected with how January connects with her clients. As I constantly work toward that balance, I have learned that scheduling the time off is essential, just like she said. And once she gives herself permission to do it, it becomes easier. Additionally, I am enrolled in a distance Nutritionist certification through Cornell University, beginning in mid-May. I am intrigued by the gut-skin connection so her nutrition background is a connection.

RACQUEL KURZWEG (Pelvic Floor PT):  Racquel's  presentation on Pelvic Floor health was fascinating. Aesthetic medicine has some devices that work toward vaginal rejuvenation or even perineal rejuvenation and I wonder how that fits with pelvic floor health. 

JANA ROJAS (Pediatric Myocarditis Awareness) Jana's commitment to pediatric myocarditis is inspiring. I have a granddaughter with a chromosomal disorder that has numerous disabilities and limitations, including cardiac health. Family practitioners could not identify her issues and she went into a health crisis before specialists did a chromosomal study and determined the problem.


MARY NIELSEN is the Executive Director (and "Super-OG") of Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Institute in Portland, OR.  She is an educator and a recognized author of best-selling texts in Clinical Aesthetic science (ie. Fearless Beauties, Secret Lives of Estheticians, A Compendium of Advanced Aesthetics). IPHA celebrates her capacity as a leader/mentor and her ability to grow a med spa profitably. She supports self-starters and entrepreneurship while being a major resource in build a team culture through collaborative relationships. She is respected in her circles for her out-of-the-box thinking and her ability to unite groups and drive alliances with developing creative solutions within and outside her industry. 

Mental Health 101: Treating Incontinence Starts With Overcoming The Stigma

By:  Jessica Connell-Glynn, LCSW

Health issues are often linked to a range of emotional distress, but a major contributor to the progression of chronic issues such as urinary incontinence starts with the sufferer's instinct to conceal the problem.  This reactive response from embarrassment and shame drives many women (both men and women) to hide their condition from their closest supporters as well as their physicians, making incontinence go unchecked and unaddressed.   Over time, it is this level of clinical neglect that brings bladder health issues and urinary incontinence to grow into a more challenging health condition Internalizing reactive shame plays a critical role in the effects of STIGMA and its self-propelling negative cycle, further driven by self-esteem issues, depression and hopelessness.  From a 2002 World of Psychiatry report, both public and self-stigma may carry three components: stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.  These elements are observed to be quite powerful in driving human activity and decision-making as they align with our sense of social acceptance, personal safety and survival. (see complete article)

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