Sunday, June 6, 2021


By: Johnny “Double Pain” Graziano

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, 76.2M Americans suffer from pain each year and a nationwide cost of $50 Billion/year on lower back pain treatment.  PAIN comes with the daily use-and-abuse of our mortal parts and from the natural aging process.  Looking at extreme cases such as athletes, sports are known to abuse  joints, cartilage and muscles beyond safety and beyond average use-- making pain and functional erosion an accepted part of the daily competitive equation.

Thanks to the advanced information era fulfilled by the free internet age, high speed education brings us world-wide access to ALL options available to improving our lives.  It expands our ability to make better choices from an expansive set of solutions at the click of a mouse button. Key searching in Google for "NEW PAIN SOLUTIONS" totals 4.5 million search results and growing daily- listing every available result for just about any pain solution from over-the-counter topical creams and supplements, YouTube videos on daily yoga stretches, eastern & western medicine to your local acupuncturist and chiropractor.  Deeper searches for more modern sciences result in some amazing innovations such as non-invasive sound wave surgery, advancements in neuro-laser surgeries, clinical immunotherapy and stem cell therapies.  Such info access can only empower any patient from a one-track option and expand your power to choose. Global access to the healing arts continues to grow as  more modalities and methods enter the arena (from the ‘alternative’ realm) as part of the INTEGRATIVE movement.  “Through my insurance, I have about 4 specialists that I see”, says Steve R. (59, Elwood, NY). “...the web helped me learn what’s new and what’s out there-- I’m battling chronic back pain and several auto-immune disorders working with other experts that have literally saved my life… docs that I could never find in my insurance plan.”

The World Wide Web continues to deliver us the “who’s who” in the pain industry and what works for our needs.  A simple google search can change our lives and finding the answer to any of our many ailments can also help explain WHY we have them and what we can do about it.  We are blessed the the power of research and choice for new options to take on the road to better living.

JOHN GRAZIANO is a health & fitness columnist for Modern Pain Journal, and is also the host of MPR-TV.  He is an accomplished athlete, a recognized ambassador of weight loss (, the President of Wildwood Warriors (Long Island based triathlon team) and is a dedicated researcher for all pain relief products, services and professional modalities.  John  has dedicated a life of research and education in the fields of fitness and pain relief due to the many physical issues his body has accrued during the many years of training and competition.  He translated this mission into a public crusade to promote and identify the (seemingly) endless array of pain relief solutions available in the healthcare market.

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